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If your looking to print your own care labels, we have put together 2 printing Package Deals using the latest Zebra Desktop Thermal Transfer Printers. In the deal we offer a Roll of Satin Material (of your choice) with 1 Wash Care Printer Ribbon (the ink), Zebra Designer Essentials 3 Label Design Software & the Various Wash Care Symbols Windows Fonts. Our Package Deals are called SEW02 & SEW03.

SEW02 Printer Package Deal
This package deal comes with Zebra's ZD220 Thermal Transfer Printer. This is a 200dpi model and can print on to all of the satin materials (inlcuding in both White and Black) we offer. With the 200dpi quality, we recommend only printing text on to the materials. You can also use the different wash care printer ribbons that we offer with this system. Find out more about ZD220 Printers at Zebra.com

SEW03 Printer Package Deal
This package deal comes with Zebra's ZD421 Thermal Transfer Printer. This is a 300dpi model and can print on to all of the satin materials (inlcuding in both White and Black) we offer. With the 300dpi quality, you can print single colour logos and finer / smaller fonts, as this offers a good quality print on to the care label materails. You can also use the different wash care printer ribbons that we offer with this system. Find out more about ZD421 Printers at Zebra.com

Zebra Designer Essentials 3
This label designer software, is a Free Label Designer Software suitable to use with Windows based computers. The software is only compatible with Zebra Thermal Transfer Printers. Easy to use, you can design your care labels by choosing the label size and entering your required text & care symbols. You can import your images/logo's accepting most formats (eg. ai. jpg. pdf. files). You can download the Software from Zebra.com >>>

What is the difference between the SEW02 & SEW03?
Both systems are thermal transfer, and are mono colour printers. The main difference is the print quality, the SEW02 has a 200dpi print-head and the SEW03 has a 300dpi print-head. 200dpi is fine for printing basic text on to the materials and 300dpi is suitable for printing single colour logo's and smaller fonts. The SEW03 can also have a larger sized printer ribbon (upto 300 meters) installed. Still unsure? Use our try before you buy artwork uploader below.

What's in the Box?
1 x Thermal Transfer Desktop Printer
1 x Basic Label Design Software + Care Symbol Fonts (Windows Fonts, Drivers and Software can be downloaded)
1 x Roll of White Standard Satin Material (50 Meters Rolls)
1 x HL35 Black Wash Care Printer Ribbons (60mm x 74M)
Please note the Self Adhesive Satin is only available in 25mm and 32mm with this package deal &The Woven Edge Materials are available in 25mm, 30mm, 40mm & 50mm widths.

SEW02 Care Label Printing Package Deal:

SEW03 Care Label Printing Package Deal:

Thermal Transfer Printing Systems

inside the SEW02
Inside the Sew03
Close up of inside
print quality black satin
print quality white satin
print quality gold and silver
print quality black text

Frequently Asked Questions about the printing systems.

What are the main differences between the SEW02 & SEW03?
The SEW02 comes with a ZD220 Printer which has a 200dpi print-head and the SEW03 comes with the ZD420 printer, which has a 300dpi print-head. The difference between the qualities is minimal; however the 300dpi is better suited for smaller fonts, finer details and single colour logos. The 200dpi is more suited to just printing text/care symbols on to the materials. The SEW03 printer can also use larger printer ribbons (the inks) up to 300 Meters per ribbon, supplied on 1” (25mm) Cores.

Does the Keep away from fire need to be printed in Red?

As warning information it needs to be bold and visible on the labels. It is therefore recommended that the warning information “KEEP AWAY FROM FIRE” should be printed in Red.

Does this System come with any software?
Yes, it comes with Label Design Software called “Designer Essentials 3”, you can design all the text and care symbols (using our windows fonts) in the software, and import your single colour logos to add to your design too.

What label widths can I print onto?
Our printers can print from 20mm width up to 100mm Widths of material; you just need to make sure you have a printer ribbon (the ink) wider than the label material, with a maximum ribbon width of 110mm.

How many colours can I print on to the labels?
These are Desktop thermal transfer printers, which are mono-colour. This means they can only print 1 colour at a time on to the materials. With Warning information often printed in Red, we would therefore recommend printing a separate label for the Red Warning Text.

Can you print onto Front and Back of the labels?

Our Printers are only able to print onto 1 side of the material, although some of our materials can be printed double sided, you would have to feed flip the material over and run it back through the printer, however its rather tricky to match it up.

Can I use your printers with an Apple MAC?
Thermal Printers have been manufactured to work with Microsoft Windows. So we would always recommend using our printer package deals with a Windows based computer. We do supply a MAC printer driver (at an extra cost), that can then enable you to use the printer with your MAC; however we currently do not have any suitable label design software.

How much do the Printer Ribbon (Inks) Cost?

We offer various different colour inks, with the most common ribbons a Black Printer Ribbon.

Does the Printer come with a Starter Kit?

We offer both package deals with 1 Printer Ribbons and 1 Roll of Satin to get you printing!

Max : 500 MB

Interested in our SEW02 or SEW03 printing systems, but just not sure which one to buy?

Then use our 'Try Before You Buy' Artwork uploader. We will then print an example of your labels design using both SEW02 & SEW03 care label printing systems and send you an image to show you what your labels will look like. We can accept most files formats including ai, pdf, jpeg, png. Please use the uploading option below to offer your label artworks for a printed sample. Thank you.