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Do the Materials Fray?
The Softer materials (including Standard Satin & Woven Edge) can have a tendency to fray on the cut ends. We would either recommend folding the labels over and sewing both ends in to the product or look at the Fray Resistant or Nylon Taffeta materials. We have the facility to pre-cut the labels, giving a nice clean straight cut, as it can be difficult to do this by hand (using Scissors).

Can I have some Samples of the Wash Care Label Materials?
Yes you can, click here to arrange your free samples.

How much do the labels cost?
Cost of the labels is often based on the Label Size, Label material and Quantity required. We have a few different options to find the costs out.

What is the Minimum Order?
We offer packs of 100 labels to start you off with. We can quote for exact quantities or have Standard 50 Meter Rolls too.

Can I print my own Labels?
Yes you can, we have put together some printer packages deals, so you can print your own care labels.

Can you supply a Self Adhesive Satin Label that can go in the Wash Cycle or for Dry Cleaning?
The Self Adhesive Satin label has got a very good Fabric Adhesive, however if you are considering using this as a care label that goes into the wash cycle, the label can become rather heavy with water and fall off the garment. It is more resistant to Dry Cleaning. The printed text can deal with high washing temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.

Care Label Materials
Our range of care label materials suitable for printing by Thermal Transfer Ribbon is one of the widest available for manufacturing both thermal transfer ribbons and care label materials. This range includes coated nylon, polyester and satin formulations which are suitable for both traditional garment & apparel industries as well as new developments in the automotive and aviation sectors. These high-performance materials can resist moisture, abrasion, heat, fading, will withstand washing and dry cleaning solvents and meet international standards for skin contact (Oekotex) and flame retardancy (FMVSS302 and CAA8/FAR). Designed to be printed with our thermal transfer ribbons.

Garment, Apparela and Clothing tags
The traditional applications for these product range was for textile, garments and clothing. Products in this area now need to withstand washing & dry cleaning processes. Our nylon and satin products in this area continue to be market leaders and now include international standards such as Oekotex for safe skin contact. We have developed speciality polyester based products that continue to be used in the garment industry but are designed to withstand harsh wash environments too.

Care Label Language Translation
If you are going to be supplying your products internationally, then you will require the language of the country you are supplying them into to be printed onto the labels. We translate care labels regularly into over 60 languages.

Recycled Woven Edge Satin Labels

As a socially aware and innovative company, Wash Care Labels are committed to bringing our customers products that offer sustainability as well as strong environmental credentials. As a result, our materials Manufacturer after extensive research and development Wash Care Labels in conjunction with the materials manufacturer and are very pleased to be able to offer a range of ribbon products that are manufactured using 100% recycled Polyester Yarns.

How does your professional cleaner contribute to sustainability and environmental protection?
Professional cleaning – when recommended – is crucial to maintain the quality of your product and can extend its lifespan.

The International Association for Textile Care Labelling, has devised an internationally applicable care labelling system for textiles based on symbols. A complete overview of the care labelling symbols and care instructions under the ISO 3758 standard, for a standardized and harmonized worldwide care labelling systems.

consists of 18 independent institutes in Europe and Japan. Together we are continuously developing test methods and limit values for the textile and leather industry, we provide important boosts for innovation and thus make a significant contribution to the development of high-quality products. Our mission is to create trust in textiles and leather and in their production. With our portfolio of services and certificates, we support you on your path to a sustainable future and offer customised solutions.