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Here are the most frequently asked Questions. 
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Do the Materials Fray? 

The Softer materials (including Standard Satin & Woven Edge) can have a tendency to fray on the cut ends. We would either recommend folding the labels over and sewing both ends in to the product or look at the Fray Resistant or Nylon Taffeta materials. We have the facility to pre-cut the labels, giving a nice clean straight cut, as it can be difficult to do this by hand (using Scissors). 
Can I have some Samples of the Wash Care Label Materials? 

Yes you can, click here to arrange your free samples. 
How much do the labels cost? 

Cost of the labels is often based on the Label Size, Label material and Quantity required. We have a few different options to find the costs out, Visit our Online Shop for further details
What is the Minimum Order? 

We offer packs of 100 labels to start you off with. We can quote for exact quantities or have Standard 50 Meter Rolls too. Visit our Online Shop for further details
Can I print my own Labels? 

Yes you can, we have put together some printer packages deals, so you can print your own care labels. Visit our Online Shop for further details 

Can you supply a Self Adhesive Satin Label that can go in the Wash Cycle or for Dry Cleaning? 

The Self Adhesive Satin label has got a very good Fabric Adhesive, however if you are considering using this as a care label that goes into the wash cycle, the label can become rather heavy with water and fall off the garment. It is more resistant to Dry Cleaning. The printed text can deal with high washing temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.  


What Care Symbols Do I need to use? 

We have listed out all the various types of care symbols and their meanings here >>> 


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