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IRON ON Labels

We offer our Iron On labels in 2 sizes.

46mm x 12mm & 38mm x 25mm

The labels are White in Colour and printed with Black Text. Suitable for Ironing on to Children Clothing (Name tags). We offer 100 Labels / Pack (you can split your roll up into different names if required).


Follow these simple instructions to ensure that the iron on labels stay permanently attached.

Set Iron to a Medium Setting (130-170 Degrees Celsius)
Place the label flat on the garment in position ready for the iron
Holding the Iron Flat, Press the Label for approx. 10-15 seconds. DO NOT move the iron around
Allow the label/garment to cool
Repeat steps 3 and 4 (total of 3 pressing and cooling).
For delicate fabrics, use a thin cloth to help protect the garment.
Iron on labels are suitable for children's school clothing, sports wear, theatrical costumes, items that normal go to the laundry or anywhere where your item is in the proximity to others peoples clothing/garments and may get taken in error. Name your clothing so people will see it is yours, not theirs.

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peel them off
place the label
iron the label
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Our Rolls of Iron on Labels

46mm x 12mm Iron On Labels

38mm x 25mm Iron On Labels

Peel the Label off the roll

Place on the Product

Place warm iron on the label and hold for 10 Seconds

Label is Firmly Fixed on to product